Same Diamond,

Just Better

Not a cubic zirconia. Not a moissanite. Not a crystal.

Lab grown diamonds consist of pure carbon in the same crystalline form as mined diamonds.

But Just Better.

100% Diamond

100% GIA/IGI Certified

100% Ethical

Talked About 

Appreciation of diamonds’ beauty do not have to make huge holes in our Earth and pockets.

We are here to change this for Mother Earth, our generation and our future.

The Authica Difference

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Stringent Quality Check of Diamonds with Best Cut Grade

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Diamonds with Excellent Hearts & Arrows Cut and Light Performance

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Leading Seller with Ready GIA/IGI Certified Diamonds

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Hassle Free Customisation Journey

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Complimentary Annual Cleaning, Polishing and Prong Tightening

Our Pricing

Grown vs Mined

0.5 carat 

Colour: E , Clarity: VVS2

Mined: from SGD 3,161

Authica Lab Grown: from SGD 1,018

0.75 carat

Colour: E , Clarity: VVS2

Mined: from SGD 7,873

Authica Lab Grown: from SGD 1,818

1 carat

Colour: E , Clarity: VVS2

Mined: from SGD 15,099

Authica Lab Grown: from SGD 3,438

*Stated diamond prices are for reference only, as all diamond prices are subjected to daily fluctuations in the global market. They do not act as a singular benchmark for all diamonds of similar 4Cs specs, as each diamond is unique with their distinctive qualities.

Know Your Diamond First


A truly beautiful diamond is one beyond the common 4Cs. Let Team AJ share and guide you on Authica’s standards of excellence. You will be blindsided, no more.

Choose Your Ring Next


Authica’s Ready Collection offers more than 60 timeless to modern designs that will be so well-loved by your beloved. The hassle-free way to customise your dream ring. Or, send us a picture of your dream design and we will create it with you.


The Limelight

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