Hi, we’re Team AJ

Founded by a team of diamond enthusiasts with a combined 10 years and beyond experience in the traditional jewellery industry, we believe the beauty and significance of diamonds is irreplaceable and forever admirable.

But this appreciation of diamonds do not have to come at a hefty price to our Mother Nature and loved ones.


noun / aw-ti-ca /

1. authentic and ethical

2. home to better diamonds for our generation, Mother Earth and future

100% Diamond & Ethical


Authica’s lab grown diamonds are physically and chemically identical to those that are mined. The only difference is its origin. This means, all of the bad parts of mined – devastating mining and muddled ethics – are not included. This transparency of grown diamonds is impossible to attain with mined.

Sustainably grown in America and Europe with no carbon footprint and no mining, Authica’s impact on the environment in using lab grown diamonds is much lower. You can be assured that every grown diamond at Authica has a pure and beautiful beginning.

100% Certified


Every grown diamond at Authica is cut, faceted and polished to exact international standards by master craftsmen. Each diamond’s exceptional excellence is certified by the renowned International Gemological Institute (IGI) or Gemological Institute of America (GIA).


100% Quality


At AJ Studio, you’ll only be looking at diamonds that meet our stringent standards of excellence.

All of them are guaranteed with the Best Cut Grade, Excellent Hearts & Arrows cut for Excellent Light Performance.

We have narrowed our collection to only include those that are flawless to the naked eye. Because we want you to have total confidence in what you are getting.

Totally Accessible


When we cut out all mines and middlemen, we have better control over the whole diamond curation process.

Every penny you pay goes to your diamond that is grown with the highest standards for a better quality than the mined.

Because we know you want a bigger and better diamond at a lower price.

1ct, E, VVS2, Mined vs Authica Grown, From SGD 10,099 vs From SGD 3,935

*Stated diamond prices are for reference only, as all diamond prices are subjected to daily fluctuations in the global market. They do not act as a singular benchmark for all diamonds of similar 4Cs specs, as each diamond is unique with their distinctive qualities.