Are lab grown diamonds real?

Lab grown diamonds are visually, chemically, and physically identical to mined diamonds. The only difference between lab grown and mined diamonds is how they are formed. Mined diamonds form below the surface of the earth over millions of years, whereas lab grown diamonds are grown by scientists in a lab over a period of few weeks.

How are lab grown diamonds graded and certified?

Authica’s lab grown diamonds are sent to internationally renowned gem labs like GIA and IGI, to be graded and certified in the same way as mined diamonds. Every piece will be assessed by the four C’s of diamond quality: Cut, Colour, Carat, Clarity.

Each graded diamond is then accompanied by a dedicated GIA or IGI report and laser inscription that serves as a unique ID, just like a mined diamond.

Benefits of

Lab Grown Diamonds

better quality

better price

better origin

better to mother earth

How are lab grown diamonds created?


Lab grown diamonds are created in highly controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that clone the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop.


The two widely used methods to grow diamonds in labs are CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature).

Typically, lab-grown diamonds start with a tiny lab diamond, like a seed. The seeds are placed in a chamber known as a plasma reactor (for CVD method) or a large mechanical press (for HPHT method). Then, a combination of heat, pressure and a carbon source are used to grow the crystals, layer by layer.

A few weeks later, a rough diamond is grown and is then cut and polished like any other diamond, for a piece of beautiful fine jewellery.