The Science Behind The Sparkle

Discover the Ultimate diamond with our UltiCut criteria.

UltiCut round diamonds feature the most popular 58 facet cut for the best balance of rainbow and white light performance, also known as the ultimate marriage of brilliance and fire (sparkles).

To ensure only the highest caliber diamonds at Authica, every UltiCut diamond is objectively evaluated for quality with non-bias certificate details by internationally renowned gem labs like GIA and IGI.

Only The Finest, For Your Brightest

Boasting the best range of diamonds with exceptional grades in key aspects, distinctive 8 Arrows Cut (for round diamond), and Ideal Proportion ratio, which is curated with care by our master diamond craftsmen. Every UltiCut diamond is made to stand out from the rest.

We take our diamonds’ quality seriously.

We only have UltiCut diamonds.

Because UltiCut diamonds have been assessed to achieve Optimal Light Performance for a more sparkling and visibly bigger look than average and subpar diamonds everyday, everywhere in all lighting conditions.

With just UltiCut diamonds at Authica, you can also shop with confidence, knowing that they are the finest range of diamonds without the premium mark-up.

Speak to Team AJ today and choose an UltiCut diamond for your UltiMate.